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Set targets

Date published: 1-Jan-2022
1 min read / 115 words
Author: Tom Larcher

I've always been a fan of calling a target ahead of shooting for it. The following list represents a non-exhaustive, moderately mutable list of targets I'm aiming for this year (2022), in no particular order. As I crush targets, I'll either update this post or author a superseding post (tbd).

  • Ship my first Flutter app (practice Dart).
  • Ship a small game entirely made by myself (brush up on Unity skills, while practicing audio-engineering and graphics).
  • Complete a generative art project (generated without input assets, purely from code).
  • Compile Aseprite from the available source code (Done! Jan 2022).
  • Deploy a smart contract (practice Solidity) (Dropped Jan 2022).
  • Do more riding. (Definitely happening as of July 2022!)