Date published: 27-Dec-2021
Date modified: 6-Jan-2022
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Author: Tom Larcher

During the Christmas shut down period, I decided to overhaul my personal website (thanks for visiting, by the way!)

I've always been an avid fan of developers taking the initiative to write, and often have loads of tabs open in my browser, populated by their personal sites.

I finally caved and decided to delve into learning about some of the gold standards for web development these days. It's been a long time since I worked in the web development space and it's clear a lot has changed since I was last there.

The stack I'd initially run with during this overhaul was Wordpress, running as a headless CMS (since my existing zero-effort personal website was plain old Wordpress), as a source for Gatsby, with Netlify handling hosting of the frontend, with the CMS residing on my existing web hosting.

Things worked pretty damned well, to be honest, but I found myself craving something a little cleaner. I dropped the CMS (headless Wordpress), and adopted a local .md file structure/source for driving the content instead.

The result is what you're seeing now.