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A different reveal, this time

Date published: 4-Nov-2020
1 min read / 204 words
Author: Tom Larcher

In 2018, I learned that come March 2019, I'd be a father.

It was a wild year spent juggling an increasingly complex personal life with the added pressures of work projects rapidly approaching deadlines. Amidst the chaos, we decided to throw a gender reveal event for family and close friends. I learned I'd be father to a baby girl that day.

It was amazing.

Now skip ahead a little. 2020. A year that brought with it something unprecedented in modern times. A pandemic that effectively halted social events. A little inconvenient, given that I learned (at some point around the middle of the year), that I would have a baby boy joining the family at the beginning of 2021. Holding a small gender reveal similar to that of 2018 wasn't quite on the cards.

Strange times call for strange solutions annnd one thing led to another. Before I knew it, I had resolved to write a partial clone of the retro cult classic, PAC-MAN... and within the game's win screen, I'd decided to nest a baby announcement for anyone who was able to make it that far.

The outcome was a hit. Here are a collection of screenshots taken from the fun little announcement.

Press Any Key
Pacman single ghost gameplay.
Game over, man.
You won!
Win screen announcement.